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Kamis, 22 September 2011

Speech for Applied Research Course (Riset Terapan)

Welcome to Poltekes Yapkesbi Midwifery Students who will study Applied Research Subjects ...

For Further study of this Course will be more meaningful if you always link with this blog, so for the next task and course materials will be provided in the blog Ari Riswanto (http://ari2swanto.blogspot.com)

The spirit and Always Trying to Stay but do not forget to pray .... Embrace success together ....

As if you need a "grille" Middle of Semester Examination can directly link to: blog Home (http://ari2swanto.blogspot.com/2011/10/riset-terapan-speech-for-applied.html) and click on the download section at the bottom.

jangan lupa klik di sini ya : : : ; ; ; ; >>>>
> Ari Riswanto
> Sunglasess Guide
> Blackberry Guide
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